Monday, February 23, 2009

We turned 2!!!

This was my butterfly quilt that my grammie made me. I was also wearing my crown...get used to it!
I am not so sure I will always be wearing my crown like my sister. She thinks she deserves to wear one all the, well, I am just a regular guy.
This is the elephant cake that our mommy made us. Daddy was so proud of mommy for making us this cake. She thought it was so funny to add peanuts for the elephant to snack on! It took her a really long time to carve out the shape and add all the icing!! Her hand got really tired ;)
We sort of blew out the candles. Our big brother Heath helped...and mommy too! We were kind of interested in the peanuts and didn't even eat the cake. We didn't really feel very good on our birthday. We got to spend time with our friends and we got some really great presents and played hard!

Here I am with my daddy at 2 years old, and down below I am with my daddy on the day I was born just two years ago.

And this is me, Mitchie looking at all these cool presents and fun things to open at two years old. Down below, I was fighting with everything I had while holding on to my mommy's finger on the day I was born. Amazing what can happen in two years and with only 20 pounds.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Isabelle Gracie's room

So I loved this tree when I got the new Decor Elements catalog from Stampin' Up! and thought that it would be so perfect in Isabelle's room. I had to paint over her little bouncy words that said happily ever after, but you can still see the adorable little froggies, foxtails and dragonflies that Jenise painted while I was on bedrest with the twins. The quote says "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams". I love the way it looks and Isabelle has been fascinated with it as it is right above her bed.
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