Friday, October 31, 2008

He also loved climbing all over this rock and running around in the flower garden! Can not wait for next Halloween when all three kids can really enjoy going out and having fun. The twins are still wondering why we put them in such silly outfits. Heath loved being a fireman. I thought that I was so smart this year finding a great costume that we could bundle him up underneath for the snow...and it was beautiful out...almost 70 and sunny. Gorgeous day out and tons of fun!

Heath loved hanging out with the fish and with all of the kids.

Tyson and Heath in downtown Fort Collins today scoring some chocolate!

We also trick-or-treated at daddy's office this morning.

My littlest Tiger...just walking all over the house now!

This is Brady, Isabelle, Mitchie, Makenzie and Heath posing for some shots. Isabelle LOVES Brady and he can make her stop crying!

Here is little missy crawling around.

Here are a few shots from Halloween. It was very difficult to try and get everyone to look and these are the best shots that we got. Heath loved Halloween and loved to knock on the door and immediately say trick-or-treat before anyone answered. Miss Isabelle would not wear her witch hat...go figure!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Search for the perfect pumpkin...

Heath is ready to go with his pumpkin wagon. Heath and Daddy search for the perfect pumpkin.

Heath picks out his first pumpkin. Isabelle admires the second pumpkin we picked out.

Heath has his pumpkin and is pooped and looking for a ride! Mitchie loving the fresh air and sunshine.

Isabelle shy for the camera... Heath and mommy hiked around a LOT looking for some more perfect pumpkins. We even found one for Grandma!

Heath next to his favorite thing...a John Deere tractor!! And, of course, the family shot! Kinda fuzzy small...go ahead and click on it to make it bigger...I dare you!

Isabelle in her football pose...daddy set her down to crawl around and she wanted nothing to do with it! Mitchie and Heath were fine on the ground getting dirty.

Heath running around in the open space. The kiddos all ready for a hay ride.

And last, but not least, Heath wishing we actually got to go on the hay ride. The driver was about 30 minutes out and we were not going to wait!! All in all...a wonderful day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Heath turns 3!!!

HEre is Heath's John Deere Bday party! He is really in to big trucks and tractors right now!
It was like Xmas morning when he walked around the corner and saw his golf cart and big wheel!!
First ride in the golf cart.
First ride on the big wheel.
Heath drinking some yummy punch from his tire cup.
Isabelle having some cake...and reaching for someone else's plate too!
Mitchie having some cake too...not quite the danty little eater Miss Belle is! here are our flirts!!! Mitchie trying to give his big brother's girl (Mackenzie) a ride on the golf cart.
Isabelle trying to flirt with a much older man, Brady, Mackenzie's brother!
And...the birthday boy going in for the kiss after the party with Mackenzie.