Monday, September 28, 2009

A Day in the Woods

Daddy and the kiddos eating lunch. We went up west of town to an area called French Creek and it was really beautiful. The colors were gorgeous and the kids loved it.

Daddy and the boys going for a little walk.
The kiddos and Mommy checking out the fall colors while Daddy snapped some photos.

Isabelle Grace stayed close to Mommy...who stayed close to the car.
Mitchie sporting that famous smile while chowing down some Yo-gos and some John Deere tractor snacks.

Heath was really hungry up in the mountains. He ate two peanut butter and jelly sammys!
Mommy taking some video. We decided we needed to trade off every once in a while because we have no pics of Mommy and no video of Daddy. So, it seems only fitting that we have a picture of Mommy taking video!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daddy Time

Daddy started a new thing...pushing the kids around on toys that are not meant for pushing them on! Well, the kiddos loved it and have now been wanting to be pushed on this and are climbing all over this. Heath even climbs to the very top and rides it like a horse...well, it made for a cute picture!
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Texas came to Wyoming...

Here is the meeting at the middle of the field before the game. It was an exciting day to have the number two team in the country come to Laramie. It was a sea of burnt orange and gold. What a great experience! Can not wait to go to Austin next year!!

Drew and I at the was a bit chilly!

Yes...I took several shots of the scoreboard during the very short time that we actually captured the lead. It was a fabulous time to be a Pokes fan...even if very short-lived! I wish I could see the faces of all the Texas fans under that scoreboard that had to be stunned! They were all very great and after the game one couple told us we were welcome next year but to come with a little less intensity....I told them hell no! ;-)
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