Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daddy and Heath sledding

Heath had a tough time getting up the hill the second time. He kept falling on the climb up...big job for his little legs.
Daddy bringing him down good! They had no crashes, much better than Mommy who crashed him good!
Here they come... Doesn't it look like so much fun?
And coming in for the final stop right in to Mommy for the final journey to the car. Heath had a blast and loves the sled! He also loved his hot chocolate and marshmallows!
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Mommy and Heath sledding

We made it to the top...I think Mommy was more afraid than Heath to go down. It was steaper than it looked from the bottom. Yikes....once we got up there, Heath was ready to go!
On our way down...it was actually really fun!
And then there was the crash, which Heath thought was really fun! Can you see the look on his face? Click on the picture to make it bigger, it is pretty funny! You just have to click the back button to get back to the blog once you have enlarged the picture (instructions are for you Dad! ;-)
Then we got back up and kept going...and finished with smiles on our faces! It was really fun! We only made the climb and went down twice. It was a beautiful day, sun shining and no wind, but it was only 2 degrees when we left. We got home and made some hot chocolate.
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Some more Christmas...

Although it was Christmas time in our house it was also my mother's birthday...and not just any birthday, she turned 60!!!!!! This was a wonderful caramel apple pie...with her birthday candle in it! Happy 60th Birthday mom!
Isabelle and her pram...she loves pushing her babies around the house in her new pram from Grammie and Papa. WARNING: do not get in her way, she will run you over!!!

Belle's "Belle" gown and crown, not as cute as when she doesn't have her pajamas underneath.
Mitchie with his Monsters, Inc. book and Cars jacket.
Princess Isabelle and Daddy.

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More Christmas...

Here are the sleds from Santa...again, the pictures can not describe their beauty. They were so pretty! You can not see, but we had the kids names engraved on them which was also neat.
Here is the tree on Christmas morning...can you tell that we are in a recession? What??? Okay, so there were a lot of people here....but really? It was nuts! It made our house feel so little....Drew was saying it felt like we needed a bigger house just for Christmas morning!
Our kiddos waiting to come down for the big "Hoorah!"
Heath on his sled from Santa.
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Merry Merry

Aunt Lindy going in for the smooch with Miss Isabelle...those of you who have been around her know that this is not super common!
Isabelle with her Minnie Santa ears on.
Mitch with his Mickey Santa ears on.
The boys by the presents on Christmas eve after opening their one gift of slippers and the Mickey ears.
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Fa la la, fa la la, fa la la

Drew, Rich, Dawn & Lindy before Christmas dinner.

Drew and I before a wonderful Christmas meal. Mitchie also snuck in the picture sipping some festive apple juice ;-)
Grammie and Papa took Heath to the movies the day after Christmas. Heath loved it even though it was really cold outside. He got to bring home his little snack tray with popcorn and animal crackers and coke...he had a lot of fun seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks!
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More Christmas

All five cousins together for one quick shot....guess who we had to get in the shot unwillingly???

Heath with his Mickey Santa hat on.
Our beautiful water color from Aunt Sherry and Uncle Mike...it hung above our fireplace and was so gorgeous! The picture does not do it justice!

Mommy a/k/a Minnie Mrs. Claus helping Mitchie with his new Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen remote control cars...with his new lettermans jacket on, which he would not take off the entire morning!
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The cousins

So, these are the cousins from Rock Port, MO. Ryan and Alex.
Here are Alex, Heath and Ryan in front of the tree. Heath loves playing with his big cousins. He got a bonus as they got snowed in and got to stay an extra day here in Laramie before they headed home!
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Christmas Time

Isabelle and Heath posing for a shot. Sorry Heath, Isabelle's outfit is too cute to crop out you making sure your stuff is still attached! ;-)

Mitch holding on tight to Sarge...you know Sarge, from Cars, Mitchie's favorite movie!
Isabelle playing games with Auntie Lindy...okay, so I guess there was another shot of her cute outfit, but it is too late now to crop out the earlier picture ;-)
The dinner table....hhhhmmmmmm, and where is the silverware?
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The Dance

We had Christmas music going in the house and Isabelle had her princess dress and shoes on so her brother thought is was the appropriate time to give her a twirl or two! It was very cute!

He also told her he would marry her. It is so cute what they pick up from the Disney movies! He was dancing with Cinderella as far as he knew...too cute! Her prince charming in his pj's!
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Story Time at Night

Daddy reads to the three kiddos every night before bed. We bring them up and get them ready for bed, load them all in Heath's bed and Daddy reads a different story every night. He lets them switch off picking what they get to read. They LOVE story time with their Daddy and it usually gives me time to wash the cups from the day! It is very sweet and cute and a great time for all!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Peppermint Parade

Heath with Regan and Mitch after the Peppermint Parade. All of them enjoying their cookies!
Heath listening to Mitch read him a story.
Isabelle checking out her cookie, Heath posing for the picture and Mitch checking out his big brother.
The fearless threesome...
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