Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heath's Spiderman Surprise!

Well, it was "Bike Day" at school today so we bought Heath a bike yesterday as a surprise! Although one afternoon was not enough for him to feel comfortable riding it, he was very excited about getting it and riding around the garage yesterday afternoon!

He is really loving Batman and Spiderman right now, although I have no idea how he really knows who they are other than maybe hearing other kids talk about them at school. He does get Spiderman and Batman fruit snacks and loves them...but other than that, he has never watched them on tv, so not sure why he likes them so much.

He got right on the bike and was ready to go somwhere. It was very cute and the bike fit him very well!

Daddy (and his helper, Pumpkin) tried to show Heath how to use the pedals to get himself around the garage. Heath preferred the Fred Flinstone foot method of manuevering around the garage...whatever works! He had a great time!

So, this is him after lunch all geared up with his Spiderman helmet and pads on (Grandma bought those!) riding around the garage. He loves his new bike a lot!

Well, when it was all said and done, he wanted to take his tricycle to school today. He still had to wear his helmet for safety! The police officer came to school and talked to them about bike safety and then they got to ride around the pavement and they were all given a packet of snack tickets. They had little stands with cookies and ice cream and snack foods and they could cash in their tickets for various items...very cute! He had a blast! When I picked him up, there were about 10 kids having a total melt down when I walked in (they had just come in from outside). I couldn't help myself but to laugh and feel sorry for Ms. Shannon as she was holding a little girl in her arms who was crying alligator tears. They must have all had a wonderful time outside. Heath was running around in circles smiling and laughing...he must have been too happy to cry! ;-)

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Monday, May 11, 2009

My Three Angels That Give Me a Reason To Celebrate Mother's Day!

This is my oldest son, Heath (3 1/2). It took us 7 1/2 long years before Heath Aganon blessed us with his presence. It was SO worth the wait! He is very sweet and soft spoken and loves all of his people. He is still a little shy, but is starting to open up as he spends more time in pre-school. He thanks us every day for his big yellow house and for different things inside...ranging from the windows to his bed, his books, the couches, the get the point. He is very polite and so very sweet, did I say that already? ;-)

This is Mitchell Scott (2 yrs, 3 months). Mitchie blessed us with his presence a few months early when Heath was only 16 months old. Mitchie is also very sweet and has a laugh and a smile that is so very contagious! As you can see from this look, he is also a flirt! This is our little boy that I have said from the start will date all the girls! ;-) He loves everybody and is not very shy...he will go to just about anybody as long as he sees that we trust them. He is full of love and is willing to share it with lots of people! He has overcome so much and meets any challenge given to him...a fighter if ever there was one! the girl of the three, Isabelle Grace (also 2 yrs, 3 months). Isabelle also blessed us with her presence a few months early when Heath was 16 months old. Isabelle is also very sweet...if you are one of her peeps!!! If you are not, you better work to get on her side!!! She LOVES her daddy and she has her daddy wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more around her little finger, and her big finger, and her thumb...get the picture?? That devilish smile is exactly what you see...a devilish smile! I am sure she has just gotten away with something, possibly just knocked one of her brothers from the backside when they thought nothing was coming! Now...don't let me mislead you, she is also so very sweet and loves her brothers so very much! She loves to give them hugs and kisses randomly for no reason, but she is going to be no cupcake either! I feel sorry for the first girl who tries to pick on her in out is all I have to say to that poor girl.
So, these are my three little sweetie pies that have blessed me after so many years of wanting to celebrate Mother's Day! All I can really say is they were so worth the wait! My friend Stacy bought us a onesie that said "worth the wait" when I was pregnant with Heath and it was so true! So, Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there and to all the mommas to be and to all the women in my life who will be and should be mommas and are trying in this struggle that is so very difficult...I am behind you 100% and am praying that you will experience this journey for yourself soon! Love to you all...
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Family at the Farm

Okay, so it is not a great picture, but sometimes you get what you can get! Isabelle was not happy (you just can't see the screaming and the tears in this shot), Mitchie was clearly crying, Heathie is not looking and was crying, Daddy was ready to lose it and Mommy was ready to rock and roll!! Hey, when that camera is out, you gotta be ready to smile, when is everyone else going to learn this lesson??? Just suck it up and take a good photo! ;-) We really were having a fabulous time and all the tears were short lived. As soon as we got everyone down, they were all happy! I guess this shot will not work for the Christmas card...oh well...we have a lot more time left this year!
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My Little Guy Chowing Down on Mother's Day!, Mitchie should have been charged for an adult at our Mother's day buffet brunch! Here is a list of the foods that he ate that day: Clam chowder (with a little tabasco!), pork loin with au jus, prime rib with au jus, ceasar salad, couscous, rosemary potatoes, crackers, french toast with whip cream and strawberries, yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 2 cupcakes, smiley face fries and strawberries...some plain and some dipped in chocolate! The best part...he ate for free! Now...he only ate small bites of some of this, but are you kidding me? He is only 2!!! He was a machine! He ate way more than his mommy, sister and big brother combined! It was a great meal and we will continue to go back every year! Check out this video of him eating his cupcakes. Just like his big brother, he hates to get his hands dirty and he has figured out a way to eat his cupcakes and not get a speck of frosting on his hands!!! Pretty smart cookie!
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Day at the Farm

We went to the farm today in Fort Collins and the kids loved it, especially Heath! We drove down and met Grammie and Papa for lunch at Macaroni Grill and then headed to the farm. It was a great day and we got to have a Mother's Day lunch with Drew's mom! The weather was fabulous and the spring was in full bloom!

Isabelle Grace loved playing in the sand. She was peeking at us through the tractor for this shot. She just loved getting dirty in the sand. Their baths were definitely needed tonight!
Mitch was having so much fun climbing up the slide over and over again. He didn't want to ride on the horsey or the tractors, he just wanted to slide. It was the first time he went up and down the slide by himself and he loved to just keep going over and over again!
Heath was so excited to ride on the John Deere was all he could talk about today on the way down! We should probably have one at home...
Here is Mitchie getting ready to go down the slide again. He was so funny and so proud just playing by himself and letting the other two do their thing.
Isabelle on the John Deere with the devilish look on her face of what she is going to get in to next!
And the grand finale of all three of them running wildly all over the farm together. They had so much fun together! It would be so great to have this is as our property, it is a great facility and we had so much fun!

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