Monday, April 13, 2009


Finding some Easter eggs...had to look in the tree house.
All the kiddos had camo baskets. Isabelle's turned into a skirt and the boys turned into a sun hat. They were pretty cute.
Mitchie loved the idea of finding eggs in the house...especially ones that looked like sports balls!
And the family picture...which was not easy to take! We had lots of bad shots and this one is not great, but it was the best of the ones we took. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and that the "funny" rabbit as Heath calls him came and visited you too!
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Jumping High

Well, this is our big boy. Sometimes I just look at him and can not believe how big he looks. He just won't stay does that happen? The twins just kind of grow slower and kind of stay smaller than most kids grow, but Heath won't. He just keeps growing and growing. He is still so sweet and polite and loves his babies so very much!
This is Isabelle jumping on the tramp...I know, she should not have the little spoon in her mouth while jumping, we took it out! We took a couple of pictures and then realized she had it in!!! It is a tiny little barbie spoon (thanks Rachelle!) and she loves to play with it and had it in her mouth when she started jumping and I was snapping pics and then realized it and made her get down, but it really was a funny pic with her hair flying and her catching some I posted it anyway...knowing people would judge me. Whatever, let it fly, I can take it! ;-)
Mitchie is a little more timid on the tramp then the other two are. He bounces more than jumps, so I can not really catch a shot of him catching some air, but he does love to play on it and bounce around.
And then there is the other fearless wonder! This kid loves to try and clear the top bar. He would love to bounce up to the second floor if he could! If we tell him to come jump, he bolts from anywhere and comes flying over to the tramp and jumps as high as he can as fast as he can and then leaves and goes on doing whatever he was doing. They have so much fun together and love to be together!
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Bowling Time

This was Heath's first time bowling. He had a blast!
He had so much fun at Brady and Sage's birthday party! He did get in trouble when he ran half way up the alley because his ball did not make it all the way to the pins and he thought he would just go get it himself. Not one of the smartest moves he has made...
This is one of Heath's favorite girls!! Kenzie looked so cute and was quite the bowler! They had lots of fun!
This is Sage and Brady after blowing out candles on the adorable "5" cupcake cake. It was really cute! We will miss Brady and Kenzie so much when they move next month. A lot of the kids friends have moved and that is always sad for us, but I am glad that we have had the time that they have had with them! They will forever be in our hearts!
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A Day of Mitchie

We try to do a day of Mitchie every time we take him down to Denver Children's Hospital every six months. So this last time was the first time we have not gone down the night before and spent the night. His appointment was at 11, so we just went down that morning and did not have to spend a lot of time waiting around. We got in pretty quick and had a fabulous appointment! We went straight to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and fun after the appointment. Mitchie got to ride some rides and play a few games.
He was not a huge fan of the little rides, but was a good sport of mommy snapping a few quick shots for the blog!
The best part of the afternoon was our table. The place was empty and we got to sit close to the stage and Mitchie loved to see Chuck E. Cheese perform 80's songs when the curtain opened. He sang right to our little boy! It was a great day and mostly because the appointment went so well. The neurologist was so happy with Mitch's progress that we get to wait a whole year before going back!
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Our sweet Belle in the Hospital

Well, our little girl has been sick this year. She has had pneumonia three times this winter and has ended up in the hospital twice (her stays being exactly one month apart). This is her little crib in the hospital. It is almost like a cage. It has metal bars that pull up so she can't fall out, but mostly she slept with me in the bed.
She was so exhausted from fighting treatments all the time that she actually fell asleep with her head sitting straight up in the air for about 30 minutes.
Loving up on her Daddy. She loved her daily visits from Daddy!
And sleeping so sweetly on Mommy. Probably the happiest she looked the whole time she was in the hospital!
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