Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy....Let's Go Fishing!

Heath posing with his new tackle box and pole. He is all ready to go catch some fish!

Heath and Daddy walking over to their fishing spot at the pond. They looked so cute going over there together. They were both so excited!

Daddy helping get Heath's pole ready to go. You can click on these pictures to see them a little better...I was on the other side of the pond close to the car and the twins.

And this would be one of the fish that got away...
Heathie reeling in his catch as Daddy watches and waits.

Daddy holding the rainbow trout as Heath yells at it...yes you read that right, he yelled at the fish...but the fish got him back!
And just as he was yelling at the fish, the fish jumped up and tried to give Heath a big smooch on the face, which completely freaked him out and he screamed and cried! He was not a big fan of the fish on his face...see the look on his face in the picture? All in all, it was a great day fishing!

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Three monkeys at B-ball camp

Although these are not great pictures, they are all I have. I brought my old camera and something was set worng on it. These were the three little one crawling around the high school bleachers when Heath finished up his last day at the high school. He was so excited that Mommy, Daddy and the babies were all going to go see him on the last day.

I am really glad to have this shot even though it is fuzzy, this is the long hallway at the high school....someday, these three kiddos will be walking the same hallways together and will be much bigger than this. I just thought this was so cute to have them running the hallways of the school together. Next year at basketball camp, we will have to take another shot like this and keep the same thing going year after year... Isabelle and Mitchie loved seeing their big brother at camp as much as he loved having them there!
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Heath's Basketball Camp

Last week Heath attended basketball camp. He had so much fun!! He was very excited to go and was talking about it for a few days before he finally got to go. His hour and a half week long camp (M-F, 8-9:30) was full of 3 year olds through kindergarteners. The Laramie high school basketball coach put this camp on. What a fabulous thing for the kids to start getting excited about basketball early...and what patience for a young coach to have these little kiddos for that long every morning! Daddy got to take Heath to basketball camp the first day and he may have been just as excited as his boy!

This is Coach Mountain talking to his youngest group of kids. Heath is the one wearing the camo sweatshirt. They huddled up and listened pretty good at the end of every day and then put hands in for a nice "Plainsmen" yell. For those of you who do not know, the Plainsmen are the mascot for the high school. Coach Mountain was awesome with the kids and Heath had a blast with him. He told us he was a really nice boy and he liked him a lot but not too much ;-)

This was when Heath finally realized that Mommy was there to pick him up. He usually finished up and looked around for a while before he realized that someone was there...not realizing that I had been there for like 30 minutes or so watching. He still has such a sweet smile and loves to see his people!

Heath walking back to the circle with his Sponge Bob basketball. He was so funny at camp. Coach Mountain was working on Heath's dribbling and was trying to get him to focus and concentrate and Heath looks up at him pretty serious and says, Coach, did you know I have monkeys in my room? How do you get back to b-ball from that? He just laughed and said that's great Heath, but let's focus on dribbling right now. He told us how Heath would come with so much energy, more than the other kids, but that they all kind of hit the wall on Wednesday.

Heath trying his best to go for the full extension to make a shot. It took about all he had to get the shot to hit the basket. He was one of the youngest and smallest guys out there, but it was a great experience and we look forward to next year. He had fun and loved his new shirt that he received on the last day and his new Plainsmen basketball. Basketball camp was an overall blast and we are all so glad that he could experience this!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mr. Biggs Rocks...just ask the kids!

This was Isabelle pretty much the entire time...a flash or a glimpse of her at full speed on to the next "big thing". She ran from room to room, playing for a while with everything, from the bakery, to the beauty shop, to the room of cars, the music name it, she was there, but not for long!

Heathie loved the fire truck and even got to wear a jacket and a hat...hhhmmmmmm, seems like we may have done this at Halloween? Wish we had the cool fire truck at home! ;-)
Mitchie LOVES books!!!! They are one of his very favorite things, so it was no surprise that he loved the reading room! He picked Little Einsteins, grabbed the Madagascar chair and was in heaven! You should click and enlarge the picture to see the adorable face he was cute to see the look he was making as if so shocked at what he was "reading" at 2 years old!!!
What an imagination this little guy has. So funny as he has never seen a working video game machine. He climbed right up and looked through the steering wheel and stayed for about 10 minutes pretending to drive the car.
This is where she finally pooped out and stayed put for a while. Grammie showed her the sandbox. She LOVED the sandbox and stayed put for quite some time. It took a couple of baths to get all of the sand out of her hair, but it was worth it!

Heath loved going through the dark glowing maze. We were pretty shocked as it was really dark in there. The paint that you can see glowed in the dark so you could see that, but it was really pretty dark and he kept running through over and over. I hid and snapped a flash shot...nothing scared him that day.
Last shot...the three little monkeys crammed in the car together. Hard to get a shot with all of them looking let alone smiling, so this is the best we got. Thought is was pretty cute of them. They had SO much fun this day in Colorado Springs. They LOVE Grammie and Papa's house very much and love their new room...I know Grammie "thinks" it is her craft room, but it really is the kids room! ;-) We had a great visit and we are so blessed to have family so close as we lived out here so many years with family so very far away.
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