Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spinning Belle

Isabelle spun herself dizzy! She loves to spin and dance...all day long! She also loves to dress like a princess every day if we let her. She was busy dancing to one of her favorite songs from Cinderella and she is somewhat of a little drama queen (you would know that if you spent any amount of time around her!) and she collapsed to the floor and stayed just like this for a few minutes. It was as if she was telling me, "Mommy, I am just so exhausted and dizzy, I just couldn't possibly all, not even for anything...except for chocolate!"
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Heath's Love...

Heath loves a frosty from Wendy's! He got one on his way home from school the other day because Grandma is...well...a softy! He could not even take off his coat or his hat, he just opened off the top and started to dig in...which was smart, because it was really cold that day and he wanted ice cream. So, he sat at the kitchen counter and ate his entire frosty all bundled up!
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New Mexico Bowl Trophy!

This was pretty cool. When we got to the Wyoming basketball game last weekend, the New Mexico bowl trophy was there. It was kind of a weird bowl for us as we both went to both schools. We were really excited that Wyoming was going to go to a bowl game...until we found out that they were going to play Fresno State. We decided we would not travel to see the game as it would be gut-wrenching no matter what the outcome was. We decided to watch the game at home with a ball cap from both schools on each side of the tv! The trophy was beautiful...I took a shot of both sides of it with my phone! In the shot is one of WY's wide receivers from Casper, Zach Bolger.
This is the Bulldog side. It was an amazing game that went in to two overtimes...I thought if it went in to three, I may actually have a heart attack. WY won the game...and it truly was amazing!
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The BIG 40!!!!

Daddy and Heath. The day came...40 used to seem so far away, but it finally came. Daddy took it good. No big deal...just another day on the calendar.

Mitchie thinking about something...we are not sure what, but he is definitely thinking!

Mommy and Isabelle. Well...we take what we can get with Isabelle Grace, sometimes she smiles, sometimes she doesn't...snap when you can, at least she wasn't that moment anyway!

Heath looks like he was ready to eat. Banging both fists on the table with fork in hand and staring down the waiter.

Dinner was great and it was fun to have a night out on the town with everybody!
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Grandma and Nana at dinner.

Mitchie enjoying his company and his chocolate milk!

Dawn texting or facebooking...hard to tell, but the blackberry is never that far away ;-)
Grammie and Papa (sporting the Wyo jacket!). It was so nice of them to drive up for the night to help celebrate Drew's 40th!
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New Year's Eve Party!

Well, this year we decided to have a pizza and popcorn party in the basement. We baked pizzas and brought them down to the basement and ate our dinner before we started the kiddos movie...G-Force. They loved their pizza, as you can see from all the pictures!
Mitchie is going in for seconds. We ate pizza and then started the movie. Oh, we also have party hats for the pizza parties that happen in our basement!
All the monkeys enjoying pizza.
And...missy Lou pulling up her sleeves ready to dig in for some more pizza. We brake at half time of the movie to pop some popcorn and continue the second half of the movie.
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