Sunday, August 30, 2009

Block Party

We had a big annual block party last night. It was great this year because it was right in front of our house. It is usually around the corner, almost on our side yard, but it was really great to have it right out our front door! Our neighbors across the street have a wonderful yard and let all of the kids play in their yard, which is where you see the boys playing and Isabelle running. They have two big lots and great equipment for the kids! They are really nice and have four kids. In the first shot, you can see Drew, Heath, Mitchie at the top of the slide and Grandma.

Same four people.

Isabelle running towards Mommy and you can actually see our house in the back on the left of the trees and you can see Drew's truck! The tables were set up right in between our houses...they got approval to block off our street for about 5 hours, it was great, although we did get rained out. The kids loved it and Heath wants another block party tomorrow!

Grandma and Mitchie...they were buddies hanging out yesterday. Mitchie loves his Grandma and was loving sliding down to her over and over and over again! Grandma also made a good move tackling Isabelle before she got kicked in the head by a kid swinging ;-) Grandma knocked her to the ground real quick...good moves she had yesterday!
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This is it...the last day at Disney

Isabelle with Daddy on Small World

The boys on Small World...maybe for like the 300th time or so...

Back at the hotel and ready to go for our last meal.

Everyone anxious to leave the hotel room...especially Mitchie!
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Aeriel's Grotto

So this was the family lunch at the most amazing place. We walked down a spiral staircase and met Aeriel. Mitchie loved her so much he could not speak! Mommy actually had the flu this day and decided to stand back and not hop in the picture. I just sat back and took pics with my phone. This was the worst day for this, but we actually forgot our camera. We had to take all of the pictures with my blackberry. We did not know what a lunch this would be, but all of the princesses were announced and came out for lunch. My phone froze when Belle came to our table and a lady took Isabelle's picture with her and said she would email it to us...and you will notice that this picture is not present ont he blog...go figure! Anyway, minus me being sick, lunch was fabulous and the kids loved it!
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Meet the Princesses...

Cinderella and Princess Belle!

Heath going in for the hug with Cinderella. She was just beautiful!

Heath with Snow White...she was a dead ringer!

Princess Aurora with the boys. Heath said cheese so hard his eyes must have shut! Mitchie said I am still thinking about Aeriel...whew, she was my lady!
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More Disney Fun!!!

Here is Heath having some fun on the Carousel. He loved the carousel and wanted to go on it every time we walked by it, which ended up being great because there was never much of a line.

Heath and Daddy on the tea cups.

Heath and Regan sitting on Main Street. They were so cute together.

Isabelle looking up at her balloon. She looks like such a big girl.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toontown I had to do it! This is not a casual dad conversation going on. This is Daddy and Casey Disneyland!! I have caught Drew on camera before working at Disneyworld, so I thought it only fair to do it again. ;-) We love you Daddy!!!

This area was great because there was only one entrance/exit! Although, Isabelle still escaped twice. I caught her both times, but she still got out... Heath, Regan, Mitch and Isabelle waiting to go down the slide.

Isabelle taking her time with one foot down savoring the slide...and creating a line behind her.

Mitchie would send Donald Duck down first and wait for him to get about half way down before he would go. It was really cute.

This is one of my favorites, Isabelle and her Daddy on the carousel. She LOVED the horsey and loves her Daddy so much! Very cute!

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Waiting for the Roger Rabbit ride in toon town

Heath is sitting on barrell as we wait in line. He was so excited to see his pre-school teacher, Miss Shannon! He loves Miss Shannon and Casey...and most of all, Regan!

Here is Mitchie with Casey. He got to ride this ride with Casey while we took one kiddo each.

Heath in line ready to squirt anyone who may have thought about taking cuts in line!!! Try it if you dare!!

All of us on Main Street in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. How funny that our timing worked out the way it did that we were all here at the same time. Very fun to meet up for a few rides and lunch!
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A Little Hotel Fun

The kids got Mickey pancakes every morning...which must somehow taste better either being made by someone else or the fact that they are shaped like Mickey. We are going to have to start making Mickey shaped pancakes at home! This is where the twins ate every morning.

This is where Heath ate. Usually with Mommy and Daddy too! Now how do we get this kind of service at home? Does it come with these magic Mickey phones only?

Three silly monkeys after breakfast. They have so much fun together! It really is fun to watch them together sometimes. Just simple things make them so happy. They are so very sweet.
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Disney's California Adventure

Heath and the twins got to get big ballons today. Heath got a little excited when he was getting his Buzz Lightyear balloon. Mitch got a Cars ballon and Isabelle got a Tinkerbell balloon.

There is a whole section in the DCA for toddlers that is themed after the movie "It's a Bug's Life" and the kids love it! This is a cute little ride that flies up in the air and goes around in circles. Mitchie does not like the part where you actually have to get off and wait back in line. He hasn't learned that part very well and us trying to teach him that here is not working out so great, but we will never see these people again!! So, let him scream...

Daddy and the boys. The great part about a lot of the rides we have gone on here is we can all ride together! Another great thing is we met some friends here for a few hours and that helped us out, they actually took one of our kids on a couple of rides.
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Lunch at the Blue Bayou

Little miss princess got a hold of mommies sunglasses and thought that she should wear them in a dark restaurant. She does kind of look like a movie star with them on, yeah? ;-) It didn't last long...there was a little fussing when we took them away, but we replaced them with a pirate hat which she loved, go ahead and look below!

Mitchie showing off his pirate smile and some lemoande in his straw. Always a good sport and having fun!

Isabelle showing her true pirate side!! Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh

Heath, another happy pirate! Took us a while to get him to put this on, but we had to convince him through normal bribes...and threats ;-) just kidding! But it did take some work to get him to put this on! Lunch was great and the kids were pretty good. Heath was a little scared of the lightning on the Pirates of the Carribean ride that goes through the restaurant and said he didn't think that he wanted to go on the Yo Ho ride because it might scare him.
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Southern Bulldog Country...a/k/a Visalia

Heath must have had Uncle Mike lapping the pool at least a hundred times. He was a great sport and kept a great eye on Heath and the kiddos around the pool. We got him some good exercise and I am sure he got some good rest after we left!

The kiddos eating breakfast al fresco.

Aunt Sherry and Mitchie after lots of jam. Aunt Sherry was amazed at how much he could hold in that little belly of his! It truly is quite impressive!

Miss Belle brought her blankie to Aunt Sherry and wanted her to sleep next to her. A rare occurence if you know our daughter well. I grabbed the camera too late as I think Anastasia started to sing and she had to go belt out a few lines.

Uncle Mike got quite the work-out on this little visit! He outsmarted the kids though, he gave them a ride in his golf cart! The boys really loved this...Heath was so good, he kept his little arm over Mitchie the whole time. Mitch just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

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