Friday, January 30, 2009

Check me out...

Okay, so I am the only girl. My Mommy likes to dress the boys, but she REALLY likes to dress me! She has her favorites...and so does Daddy! I think that we will start having a fashion show on the blog now too so you can see just how cute and wild some of their favorites are! Mommy has started an album of just my outfits...not a scrapbook, just pictures!
This is one of my Mommy's favorites! Grandma came over and asked what I had on. Uhhhhh, an outfit Grandma, really!
And this is what I sported for Daddy's birthday party at Corona Village...did anyone see the picture of Daddy in the sombrero? I have to remind Mommy to post that!
And yet another one of my mom's choices. Grammie, did you catch the boots? My Mommy loves to shop at Hannah Anderson when the stuff goes on sale! She says that they have the best sales after Christmas and it is a good time to buy sizes for next year! Whatever Mom!!!
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To cake or not to cake?

Hi! My name is Isabelle and I like cake. I started liking cake about one year ago. I can not lie...if I smell it baking, I start to crave it. An overwhelming sense of excitement starts to fill my every ounce of existence! I sometimes get so excited that I start to scream out of control!!! My mommy tries to calm me down, but there is just no use...I have an addiction. I NEED cake! Lucky for me, I know that there will be cake coming shortly as I am coming up on birthday #2. Surely Mommy and Daddy will not deprive me of cake, right? I need cake, did I say that already? Sure, there are other things that I like and that make me happy, but I NEED cake....
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Couch fun!

So, our physical therapist did say that it was a good idea for the twins (especially Isabelle) to practice walking on the couch without the cushions on it for balance and strength. We have decided to take this to a whole new level. The kids love it and really, if you were that size, wouldn't it be more comfortable?
It is also easier for them to get in and out of and also works their leg muscles to step in and out all the time.
At first, they fell quite a bit walking on them, but they have mastered it pretty quickly!
And this says to me, Mommy, what did I do to deserve two brothers??? She is definitely going to be one tough cookie! She gets beat on a lot and can fight back with the best of them! She went crashing into the metal gate with her face yesterday and I was waiting for her to cry...she never even thought about it.
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Muffin Day

So we got bored after playing this morning, so we decided to make some chocolate chip muffins. Here is Heath showing you exactly what kind...just in case you needed to know.
And surprise, guess who was behind the box???
Heath ate 4 muffins an hour before lunch. He chowed them down 1/2 a muffin at a time. I think it is safe to say that he liked them.
And truly, what is not to like? They were pretty good! I did manage to limit myself to one...this morning that is!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three little monkeys...

So this picture made me think of speak no evil. I thought, I know Mitchie will play was just getting Heath to cover his ears. So, we are out of order, but you get the point, right? They are all in their personalized robes (Mickey of course!) from Grandma...a Christmas present to keep them warm.
Speak no evil, hear no evil & see no evil. This was quite the challenge. I am not sure I could have ever pulled this off without the Mommarazzi camera! Thanks to my wonderful husband, I have the camera of my dreams!
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time out.

So, a few minutes ago Heath got himself in trouble. We are working really hard at trying to get him to "rest" (a/k/a nap!) after lunch as he really does need his afternoon nap but fights it something terrible! So, he was being naughty and I sent him to time out...a few minutes passed and I told him he could get up but to come and see me. I didn't hear anything so I thought he just went the other way. I waited a couple of minutes and went to check on him and he is crashed out in the time out chair. This is so ironic isn't it? So, we have a party to be at in 15 minutes and we will be a little bit late while he catches up on some zzzzzzzzzz's. Now, where am I supposed to sign up for my catch up zzz's??? Aaahhhhhh, the life of a child!
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Oops...caught me!

Okay, so if you don't really know Isabelle, here she is in a nut shell. Daring, courageous, full of spunk, mind of her own, sassy (yes, she is...I can not deny it!) and ready to take on anyone at any time...yes, that includes mommy and daddy! This was after getting her down about 4 times...I know it is crazy, but I just had to take a shot because this really does show her true colors. Most of all, she is a loving and cuddly little girl who just wraps her daddy tighter every morning she flashes that smile!
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Aebelskiver Breakfast!

Isabelle thinks that they are pretty tasty. This is her second helping. This is quite amazing, she hardly eats anything.
Mitchie, well, he eats everything, but he did have himself a couple of big helpings. He thinks that they are finger-lickin' good!
Heath is not a big eater at any meal. As you can see, he ate some goldfish with his aebelskivers. He really only ate a couple of goldfish, he just carried them around for a lot of the day...transporting them in the box by his plate.
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

A typical weekend day in WY

This is Mitchie playing so nicely all by himself. He is not bothering anyone, just having himself a good time.

Now enters his sister...not so bad, they are quiet and sharing with one another.

Now the big brother comes in to play...and everything blows up! Isabelle Grace says I am out of here and I am shutting the door on the way out!! You two have some serious problems... Brotherly just makes my heart melt

But, after some making up and smiles, Isabelle courageously re-enters the garden and shuts the door. All is well.
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80's Rocker Girl??

Okay, so the kids were playing in the Thomas the Train tent and it sure did a number on Isabelle's hair. Does she not look like she should be on the album (you know, the thing that holds a record?) of Guns & Roses or Bon Jovi? Okay...if you think you are courageous enough, click on my picture and make me bigger...c'mon, I dare ya!!!!
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve...and eve

We got a surprise call from my dear friend and "cousin" Shellie and she stopped by with her new husband, Ryan. It was very nice to finally meet Ryan and see the two of them together. We had fun in our short visit!

This is a mobile picture of Drew and I on New Year's Eve. We actually made it until midnight...a task we have not accomplished since we were in our 20's! Maybe we can make it a tradition to do this once a decade! We actually started to leave our friend's house around 11 and as I was putting my second arm in my jacket, Bryan was taking my first arm out. He informed us that we were not leaving and that we made it this far, we might as well stay until midnight. We were very glad we did. We had a lot of fun and brought in the new year with great friends and fabulous champagne! Thanks Rachelle for pouring me a glass, it was really good! Happy New Year to all and hope that everyone made it to 2009 safely.
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