Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heath's 1st Hockey practice

First time on the ice!! It went better than we thought it would, but it was still pretty rough.

This was the thing that made it better! The coach took them out to the lobby and showed them how to fall down and then how to get back up thing, should have started here!

After that happened, Heath spent a lot more time on his skates rather than on his knees.

It was pretty cute to watch him skate around with the little walker. He was so proud and kept looking back at us for approval...makes you so proud!
Our little guy going for it on the ice. One bad thing...the smallest skates that they had were three sizes too big, so we decided when we left that night to order him skates and have them delivered overnight so he would have them for the next practice!
Headed back towards us...he kept looking back at us with lots of smiles. It was so cute!

Like I said, it got better after the drop and get up lesson, but there were still some falls! Here was a pretty good one. The kids are so well padded that it would be hard to get hurt ;-)
And the last picture which I thought was so cute, right after he fell to his knees, he looked right back at us to make sure that it was okay. We gave him lots of thumbs ups that night and were cheering him on! The walkers should hopefully only be around for a couple of weeks and then they should be long gone!
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Heath's Birthday Party!

Heath with his favorite teacher, Miss Shannon! Heath really loves Miss Shannon and it made such a difference in his schooling once she started.

Stacy and Heath...and the back of one of Stacy's twins...maybe Tanner?

Merek and Brett having some pizza.

Heath hiding downstairs from the camera. The kids migrated down to the basement early to play and leave the adults upstairs!
Regan also ventured downstairs to play...with the ballons! She loved the balloons and was happy as long as she had the balloons. Regan is Miss Shannon's and Casey's little girl...but she is soon going to have a sibling!
Nana and Mitchie...with his "I am happy" smile! He has a cupcake in front of him, therefore he is happy!
Kevin and Isabelle made friends at the birthday party! Anyone who knows Isabelle knows that this is quite a big step...especially if you are not someone who sees her all of the time! She is very particular in those she smiles at or even looks at! Usually, she looks at you and screams and then falls to the ground and face plants and won't move for a while. Good job Kevin, you made a major break through!!
Sadly enough, there was one picture taken of Mommy during the entire birthday party and this was it...Mommy and Casey. This was actually a picture taken for Lacey flashing the "W" for westside, because Lacey lives on the westside and always flashes her westside "W". I have got to give up the camera more often and Daddy has got to give up the video camera...we will have zero video of him and zero pics of me.

Heath getting ready to blow out the candle on his cupcake. He loves his new Toy Story chair and sat in it often that night!
Chase and Tatum posing for the camera.
I love this look of anticipation waiting for their cupcakes...Dalton, Tanner, Regan, Dominic and Stacy serving up the cupcakes while I was getting the ice cream ready.
Merek, Haillie, Hannah, Kevin, Isabelle, Nana, Mitchie and the back of Brett all happy with some cupcakes!
Heath got his cupcake and is thinking about eating it...maybe.
Heath and Regan opening his race car which he gets to paint with his Daddy!
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Birthday Dinner

Grandma, Heath and Daddy....with Daddy tickling Heathie!

Heath being Mickey Mouse with the tortilla warmers ;-)

The birthday boy with his sombrero on while they sang happy birthday! Feliz cumpleaƱos

Heath, Daddy and Isabelle after dinner.
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Heath's Birthday Morning

Heath and his Daddy on birthday morning!

Grandma brought Heath his favorite Starbucks "coffee" a Vanilla Bean frapaccino with caramel drizzled on the whip cream...yummo!

Nana brought Heath balloons before school, which he just loved!

At Heath's pre-school, if it is your birthday, your parent brings in cupcakes for the days snack. They have snack every day brought in on a volunteer basis...except on birthdays. So, I decided to make dirt cupcakes. Heath does not like gummy works, but I made sure to tell him to pull out his worm and throw it away. He was happy once he knew he could do that. The other kids loved them and the worms!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hockey Time!!

Well, Heath had a very busy day today. After he stayed at school all day and had swimming lessons, he went to his first hockey fitting. He did not actually hit the ice though. He was a very tired little boy, but he was very excited to get fitted with all of his hockey gear. He will actually hit the ice next Tuesday. They could not find stuff small enough for him, but they are looking for some more things small enough to fit him. His head, of all things, is too small for even the smallest hockey helmet. For those of you that may not recognize him, the guy fitting Heath for all of his equipment is our friend and electrician, Dave Shannon. Dave was great with Heath and helped us get him fitted the best we could in his little gear!

His little helmet. They had to get a screwdriver and tighten it as much as they could. It was still a little wobbly, but he does have a little, tiny melon ;-)

Mommy and her little hockey boy. Can't wait to see him out on the ice!
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Swimming Time for Heath!

Heath started swim lessons today! His instructor was so sweet and worked really well with him. He is very timid in the water but really enjoyed himself today...even went down the slide by himself.

Sitting on the side of the pool waiting to kick and then jump in and splash around.

His turn to jump!!

The jump and catch!
A big clap for the catch...woo hoo! He also lost his shorts half way down the back side when she picked him up and threw him in the air. Guess we have to put his skinny little body back in the 24 months for next week. Don't know where he is getting the tall and skinny gene from??? He is sure to grow out of it! ;-)
Heath thinking about going down the slide.
Maybe he should just drive the boat instead of the slide...hhhmmmmmm.

Naaahhhh, let's do the slide! He loved it! Got down to the bottom, went underwater and looked to make sure Mommy was watching! It was so cute! He was very proud of himself! It was a great day!
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