Thursday, March 26, 2009

Children's Museum Day

We had lots of fun at the Children's Museum. Mommy and Daddy took us to the Children's Museum and let us play around. I, of course, went straight for the cars. Here is another one of my silly faces that I was trying out...not sure, this one is just called "the scrunch".
Heath and Isabelle played behind the puppet stage yet never performed a show for us. They just randomly tossed puppets at us...maybe that was the show?
I think Isabelle is waiting to take Mitchie's order, what do you think? Or maybe she just locked him out. The second may be a more likely scenario!
Three monkeys playing nicely for the end of our stay here at the museum. They had fun and pooped themselves out. All in all, a great day!
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Flying High

I love playing with my daddy! Daddy was throwing me high into the air. He and I had so much fun at the park. I could not stop laughing. I knew that my daddy wouldn't drop me...he kept catching me every time. We had so much fun!
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A Day at the March!

Here is Isabelle fully enjoying the swing. She loves every minute the swing has to offer. She did not want to get off at any time and was absolutely devastated when we stopped it and took her off...believe me? She actually did enjoy it for a few seconds and then I took a few pictures and got this shot which I just had to post!
And since I posted Isabelle's happy moment on the swing, I had to also post Mitchie's happiest moment on the swing also. He didn't enjoy most of his time on the swing and wanted off most of the time, so he was not on long...but long enough to snap a few pics.
Heath and Mitchie loved playing together and it was so fun to watch the two side by side playing around the park.
Heath loved the big slide at the park for 5 year olds. He has just started to show this "no fear" thing which mommy is just LOVING! Daddy ran up the ladder behind him as he made the climb to the top about 5 times. We had a great picnic on a blanket and soaked up the beautiful day. There were even kids out in shorts...we thought it was a little chilly out for that, but it really was nice. Gotta love sunshine and warm days when you can get them in March in Wyoming!
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Just Having Fun....

I love wearing my Fresno State hat around the house these days. I am mommy and daddy's littlest bulldog fan!
I like to try different faces out all the time. My daddy and mommy just laugh at me and think I am so funny. What do you think about this one? It is kind of a combo fishy face-blow a kiss face all at the same time...cute, huh? Can you tell how hard I am concentrating?
And here I am just flashing that famous Mitchie smile! I must have just finished doing something naughty and then trying to look super cute you think it worked?
Oh mom, it wasn't me, it was Batman! See, the guy right here on my jammies, see?
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My First Day of School!

So, this was my first day of school...pre-school, that is! I decided to sleep in. Mommy wasn't sure whether to wake me or not since I have been sick, so she let me sleep. I slept past the time I was supposed to be there. I finally woke up when mommy came in to check on me. I was very sleepy. I woke up a little grumpy, but quickly cheered up with my toast and banana. I got ready for school and off we went.
This was my outfit. I was excited to go meet some new friends!
This was my first friend, Rory. She was a little skeptical at first. She asked my mommy if I was a baby. She was confused why my mommy stuck around for a while when no other mommys where there. She warmed up when my mommy pulled out the camera though! We were at the pasta station having fun! I had a great day and tons of fun! I will go back tomorrow and see how it goes.
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