Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well, Easter was a true blessing in this house. We woke up and got the kiddos ready for church and went to a wonderful mass. When we arrived back home, Grandma and Nana were waiting here for us. We said our hellos, put the ham in the oven and went downstairs for the easter egg hunt. The boys had a blast looking for eggs and Isabelle was quite content with two! The boys found her princess eggs and kindly put them in her basket for her...and a few others. After our wonderful brunch of macadamia nut belgian waffles, ham, ciabatta, cheeses, raspberry & sherry trifle, deviled eggs and a wonderful tangerine pecan salad, we were all ready to relax and take it easy for the afternoon!

We were looking at google maps on the computer and showed Heath the front of the house that I grew up in and said that is the house Mommy grew up which he responded, well I grew up in Mommy's tummy! We all just giggled, it is funny what a four year old says! We had a good laugh!!! I will post Easter egg hunt pics later.

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