Thursday, April 1, 2010

Isabelle at National Jewish

Isabelle coloring at our first appointment. She was still in pretty good spirits before any testing was done!
This was the night before the ph probe was placed in her nose...and she would not go to sleep, even though I kept trying to tell her how early I was going to wake her up because she had to be done eating by 6 in the morning. She was in a good mood at 10 that night!
She adjusted well after the probe was in, but it was not that fun placing it...for the 4 of us that were helping, especially Mom! Isabelle was actually a trooper for all that she had already been through and was pretty good.
This was the little angel right after. She would not leave my side for the first few hours.
We still have not heard back on all of the test results, but we have a definitive diagnosis of asthma and a treatment plan. She now has a daily steroid inhaler twice a day and an action plan we can start to implement at home in case she starts to get sick. Hopefully we can keep her from getting pneumonia again, or at least keep her out of the hospital. She is now getting adjusted to her meds after a few trial runs on the best way to get a 3 year old to swish and spit after inhaling the steroid. We are praying that this will be the answer we have been searching for to help out our sweet angel!
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