Wednesday, April 7, 2010

McD's in Monument!

The boys building their towers! They loved the McDonald's in Monument...and really, what was not to love? It was a great place for them to go play and burn off some energy.
Heath climbing around in the tubes.
Mitchie starting off his journey...he finally made it all the way up to the BIG slide. I was not there, but I am so proud of him. Grammie said it took him some time, but he did it a few times!
Isabelle made it down the medium slide and loved it. It was nice for her to have some fun times too through all of her appointments.

When we went down for all of her appointments, the boys stayed with Grammie and Papa. They made projects and played and had a blast. They really had a great time and it was so fabulous to have them so close for us!
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